Democrats Working to Improve DeWitt

Since his election, Supervisor Ed Michalenko has created a more efficient, more transparent and more democratic government for the Town of DeWitt.

Democratic initiatives have:

  • Decreased taxes by 3% their first year and held the line a second year.
  • Reduced government by consolidating the Receiver of Taxes into the Town Clerk’s office for an annual saving of $50,000.
  • Settled an 8-year old lawsuit with Syracuse over the taxes for Hancock Airport, providing revenue for DeWitt and the East-Syracuse-Minoa School District.
  • Established a Sustainability Committee, which will save us $15,000 per year with its efficient lighting project and has convinced the Town to install solar panels on the Town Hall.
  • Established a Tree Committee to plant trees on streets and public areas.
  • Adopted a one-year moratorium on hydrofracking in DeWitt.

Democrats have filled positions on commissions, boards and committees with the most qualified people, without regard to political affiliation.